Recreation Ministries
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St. Paul's has many recreational activities which are more an outreach/ministry than they are competitive, even though it is the competition that makes it a sport. While we strive to feel good about ourselves and our health and wish to utilize recreational outlets such as these, we remind ourselves continually of the witness we also provide. We have many St. Paul's members involved and are happy to include those who otherwise would not have a personal committment to church, or are maybe reaching out to possibly attain a personal relationship with Jesus (as seen through us). Maybe they just enjoy the camraderie of hanging out and enjoying a sport or activity that makes them feel good about themselves. We are here for them, as well as for ourselves. Most importantly, we are here to further our Walk and Relationship with God and Jesus.

For more information please contact

Men's Softball
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If you are male and enjoy a good game, then we need you. We have 2 teams, Gold and Blue, with ages ranging from 18-70? Sure enough! We practice on Tuesday evenings at Blair Field and our games are played Thursdays on local fields. Come on out, you might see someone you haven't lately.


Gold: Dave Cavanaugh

Blue: Gary Barker

About SPVL
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Our mission is to use our God-given abilities to play and learn the game of volleyball in a Christ-like manner.


Women's Softball
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Softball is upon us as the new season has begun!! You have to be at least 14 years old or turn 14 before 7/1/16.

If you are interested in playing softball for the women this year and want to have fun, make new friends and play a sport, then this team is for you. , please contact Eric Brown. We practice on Sundays after church on Blair Field. Our games are on Monday nights and are at local fields. hope to see you there.

Coach: Eric Brown at

Co-ed Volleyball
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If you really aren't a baseball fan, but still like to jump around then our volleyball needs you!! We play on Wednesday nights in Norcross Hall, with both league and open play. It is a really great time of fun and laughter with a few volleys here and there. Join us in this time tested fun filled sport.

Contact Person: Chris Winters

St. Paul's Volleyball League

St. Paul's Golf
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St. Paul's Golfers

Here we go!!!! We will start off with a Men's list and a Women's list. Your name will be listed, according to your average of shots per round. (As I am new to Golf, maybe someone could assist in the handicap dept.)

Ex. Ken Allport 127...129-125-0-0-0

If you wish to visit the USGA site here is the link USGA Home

Here is their Handicapping page USGA Handicap System

For now, we will all start fresh, meaning any rounds prior to my debacles will not be included.

Do not be embarassed by your scores. There are many people who do not know how to golf who just don't have the time!! It is about good Christian fellowship and helping each other to strive to be better.

~~~~~Good Luck and Good Golfing~~~~~

example: Ken A. 129-125-0-0-0 (127)
Ken A. 129-125-119 (126) Dave M. 114-111 (112)
Walking Workout
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Walking Workout

For those who are concerned for their fitness and would like a new way to work out with fellow believers. We are going to offer a Fitness Walking Workout that will teach you how to work in your target heart range. It will be good for all ages and fitness levels. The current plan is to meet at the Brick Reservoir on Herbertsville Rd. on either Tuesday or Thursday (am or pm). This will be determined by the number of people interested and their ability to meet. If you are interested and would like more information please contact Courtney or Ken for more details.

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