Youth News - May 2014
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Youth News
May 2014
by Hector Meza

“No one should seek their own good, but the good of others.”
1 Cor. 10:24

Recently I heard a song on the radio that the chorus went something like this, “And you can tell everybody, Go ahead and tell everybody, I’m the man, I’m the man, I’m the man.”

Lydia, with her perceptive ear, recognized that the singer had sampled a phrase from the Elton John song, Your Song. The Elton John song is a song written to a beloved and declares in a dramatic moment, “And you can tell everybody, this is your song.” The former song seems quite an interesting symbol of our current youth culture focused on self-centered humanism. The rise of social media and reality TV has perhaps had the unwanted consequences of turning our eyes from the love and concern of others to an unhealthy preoccupation with ourselves.

The prevalence of “selfies” seems to support this claim of self-centeredness. There’s even a whole day devoted to the “selfie” known as, “Selfie Sunday.” How many of us have looked at a picture and decided it was not a good picture because we did not look good in it? It doesn’t matter if the scenery or the moment or the other people look great, if we don’t like the way we look we declare the picture is ruined. That’s not to say there is something wrong about looking and feeling good about ourselves but the danger of the Selfie and social media may be an overemphasis placed on our looks, our thoughts, our concerns. In this society it seems very easy to make ourselves the center of the universe with no regard for God or others. It’s easy to fall into the trap of living out a love song to ourselves declaring, “I’m the man, I’m the man, I’m the man.”

I think it’s time to revolt against the rampant self-centeredness of our society. We as Christians should be able to enjoy a healthy self-love that draws from the eternal truth of God that we are created in His image and are fearfully and wonderfully made. We need to concern ourselves more with those who are around us, recalling to mind the words of Jesus who commanded us to, “love (our neighbors) as (we) love (ourselves)”. Perhaps it’s time to learn how to encourage each other with our words and deeds. Instead of taking endless Selfies, using just the right pose or filter, we should look to take pictures of others encouraging them by complimenting their character traits and physical features or giving them Bible verses that uplift them. Maybe instead of the Selfie, we should look to take “Youies”

Hector Meza

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