Youth News - April 2011
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April 2011
by Matt Kay


We all have dreams…

Call them goals, aspirations, visions, or whatever you like; but we all have them at one time or another, and they give shape to what we want to expect about our future. Our dreams are one of the ways that we try to find a purpose in this life, and all of us need to know that our life has meaning and significance.

Many of our teenagers have dreams related to this thing we call career. When the topic of dreams comes up, it immediately becomes a conversation about what we’re going to do with our lives. It’s a question that needs to be answered.

On the other end of the spectrum, I find that some older friends of mine have stories about dreams that were never realized. A person might say that they wanted to do this or that, but for some reason the circumstances and choices didn’t come together in a way that made the dream become a reality.

And so our dreams come and go: who we were going to spend our future with, what we were going to do, where we were going to go, how we were going to see ourselves in ten years… Does all of this mean that dreams are just another vanity that is “meaningless, a chasing after the wind?”

Well, yes and no. While some of our dreams can be traced back to self-centered thinking, chasing after dollars, and trying to quench sinful desires; they still speak to the fact that we need a reason to live and a responsibility to carry out. On the other hand some dreams can be traced back to noble desires (like honoring God), which lead to meaningful reasons to live (for the Kingdom of God), and embracing our most important responsibilities with joy (following Jesus).

When Jesus came proclaiming His message, “The Kingdom of God is near, repent and believe the good news,” He was in essence letting people know that God’s Kingdom dream was beginning to come true. His dream of bringing healing to the hurting, beauty to the broken, and forgiveness to the sinners was moving forward. And it’s the only dream that we can be certain will come true.

It’s the one dream that gives us our true reason for living and begs us to embrace our most precious responsibility: to turn from sin and follow Christ. It’s a life that is abundant and goes on into eternity. And we have been called to get caught up in it! What is your reason for living? What responsibilities are most important to you? May you get caught up in God’s Kingdom Dream and enjoy the benefits of His impact on your life, and may no vain dream of this world distract you from what really matters! “Seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness…”

Grace & Peace, Matt

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