Youth - January 2017
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January 2017
by Hector Meza

"But you, Lord, are a shield around me,
my glory, the One who lifts my head high." Psalm 3:3

It was a bitter Monday afternoon in early December. Recently, Lydia has been my own personal fitness trainer, challenging me to run the entire 5 mile circuit of the Manasquan reservoir. I've always been one to like a fitness challenge but it seemed, at that time, that I was in a sort of physical slump. Those sorts of slumps in my life usually coincide with an emotional slump, which inadvertently always lead to spiritual slumps as well. And that's where my heart was as I reluctantly joined Lydia on her run that day.

I really did not feel like running or doing much of anything that day. We were fresh off of Thanksgiving but what ever thankfulness had been in my heart was long gone, replaced by a bitter and complaining spirit. I only agreed to participate because I wanted to ensure Lydia's safety. So, begrudgingly I began our run, my steps feeling like mud. I felt myself hit the "runner's wall" perhaps only a quarter of a mile in. I knew then that it would be a dreadful trek. I resigned myself to just looking downward on the trail just hoping the pain would be over sooner rather than later.

Then, a strange thing happened. A worship song that I had not heard in a long time came through my ear buds. It was a song that focuses on the majesty of God and the chorus is powerful. "You alone are God of all. You alone are worthy, Lord. And with all I am, my soul will bless Your name."

I found myself starting to sing along to the song and soon my countenance was lifted up. As I joined in the praise of God, I found my eyes lifted off of the discouragement and bitterness I was mired in to the throne of our God who is the lifter of our heads. As I reflected on and worshiped God, my steps got lighter and my resolve to journey forward got stronger. I finished the "race" a changed man.

As we begin the trek of a new year, my hope is that we would do it worshipfully. As we do, these momentary trials and bitter messes will fade compared to the glory of our eternal King.

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