Youth - April 2017
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April 2017
by Hector Meza

His understanding has no limit" Psalm 147:5

Omniscience means that God knows everything. He didn't achieve His knowledge gradually, through a long process of information gathering that took Him to the summit of Omniscience. God has always known everything. He has never learned anything new. He is infinitely wise.  

He has absolute knowledge. He lives in eternity and has perfect knowledge of time, past, present and future. That's hard for us to understand. We are creatures and only grow by gradual development. That means constant change. But God is immutable; He never changes. If God was to learn something new, that would mean He doesn't have perfect knowledge, therefore He couldn't be the Infinite God. 

But God's omniscience also means that God's knowledge of you is infinite. He knows the exact number of hairs on your head, and how many cells comprise your body. He knows your thoughts and the motivations of your heart. He has always known you and you have always been in His thoughts. 

Add to that the fact that God loves you. His perfect knowledge of you and His eternal love for you can only mean one thing: You can trust the God who knows your past and forgives it; knows your present and sustains you, and knows your future because He has prepare your destiny. As we enter into this Spring we hope to instill this truth in our students. Please pray that God would help us discover the best way to do that.

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